Session 1b Muslims and the Jews Who Left

Valerio, Nakita Simona
Research Fellow, IRSS
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Day 2
9:30 am

Welcome Address: Auditorium

Keynote Address: The Multidimensionality of the Relations between Jews and Muslims in Morocco: Ambivalence, Cooperation and Empathy

Day 1
6:00 pm

Reception with Moroccan Cuisine

On Display: Joan Roth: Scenes of Moroccan Jewish Women; Chama Mechtaly: Amazigh Jews Interpretations

Day 3
7:00 pm

Addresses and Cultural Event

Musical Performance: Omer Avital -Jazz and Moroccan fusion; Orchestre Debbi from Rabat

Day 2
1:00 pm

Session 2b Moroccan Jews in Israel: Sacred Spaces

The contribution of North African immigrants to settling the land of Israel

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